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Local Spots to Visit!

Hanover Alewife was built with location is mind, which is why we are in the beautiful North Cambridge neighborhood. We are surrounded by public transit, local restaurants, gorgeous outdoor spaces and so much more! Below are some of the great local spots located right outside your door!

1.Alewife Brooks Reservation
Alewife Brooks Reservation is a state park located about 5 minutes from Hanover Alewife’s front doors! It is 120 acres of protected wetlands, woods and meadows! There are beautiful paths, river views and is ideal for bird watching! Alewife Brooks Reservation is a good place to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life![1]

2.Minuteman Commuter Bikeway
Located right off the Alewife Brooks Reservation is the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway! The Minuteman Bikeway is a 10-mile paved rail trail located in the Greater Boston Area! It connects with four other bike paths at its Cambridge terminus. You can connect to the Fitchburg Cutoff Path, Cambridge Linear Park, Alewife Brook Greenway and the sidewalk to Fresh Pond Reservation! Being located right across from the Bikeway makes getting around the greater Boston area a breeze![2]

3.Revival Café
Located right across the street at 125 Cambridge Park Drive is Revival Café!  They provide yummy food and delicious drinks to the area! To read more about what they do, and their philosophy please visit them at! We love our local coffee shop so they are a must see for breakfast, lunch and everything in between!

3.Fresh Pond Mall and Alewife Brook Parkway Shopping Center
The Fresh Pond Mall and the Alewife Brook Parkway Shopping Center are located in close proximity to Hanover Alewife! They feature amazing stores for all your needs! Fresh Pond Mall features a Whole Foods, TJ Maxx, Fast Food Establishments and so much more! Alewife Brook Parkway Shopping center features a Trader Joes, CVS, Restaurants and more! Nothing is better than living near these shopping centers!